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8421 Concord Mills Blvd.
Concord, NC 28027

  1. Do not Fuck with the hair
  2. Don't throw Shit at the Screen, it's just that simple
  3. During "There's a Light," there are to be No Open Flames in the Theatre, unless that is your sexual preference. Please, just use a cell phone, glow stick, glow in the dark condom, the severed finger of a cute Spielbergian Alien, etc.
  4. Water guns are awesome and add to the ambience, but please don't bring anything with a pump action, it just gets our cast too excited
  5. Rice is cool, but if you went to Sam's Club right before the show and bought enough to feed a small 3rd world country for a month, please resist the urge to throw all of it during the show.
  6. There is ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY....No Rule 6.
  7. No Hot Dogs or Prunes, they attract vermin, and the last thing we want to do at 2am is handle your used up, luke-warm meat
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Pre-show begins at approximately 10:30pm

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