Aubrey (aka Fluff-n-Furter)

One dark and rainy night a dark haired vision wearing glitter, party bra, and high heeled boots walked off the rain soaked streets of Matthews and into Crownpoint Cinemas and our shows were forever changed. Aubrey has filled various roles in our shows and we were thrilled and chilled with each interpretation. Rumor has it that she has also appeared in multiple roles around town with other companies as an extrodinary actress, singer, and dancer, but chameleon that she is we're never quite sure it's our Aubrey. There have also been sightings at various Anime Conventions and surfing atop crowds at many a concert.

All we know is that when she says she wants you to "Come up to the lab and let me chill you, thrill you, and fulfill you," it's a moment in time you don't want to miss!